Introducing r/erisology

As any habitual Everything Studies reader knows, I go on and on about erisology — or “disagreement as an object of study”. Occasionally I also attempt to actually do some and publish it here, but progress is slow. Luckily others are helping (albeit not knowingly): there is a lot of existing material about the mechanics of disagreement  — from books to scholarly articles to informal blog posts — and more is created every day.

Since there is no “Journal of Erisology” where such material can be collected I’ve been hoarding relevant links I planned to eventually publish in batches, before I realized a dedicated subforum on Reddit would be the ideal place to host such a repository.

I promptly created and posted a few links from my collection (I’ll keep ’em coming at a moderate pace so I don’t look like some kind of spammer). It’s pretty much uninhabited so far, but maybe there’s a chance it could catch on? Who knows. Worst case, I’ll just use it as my own collection.

So if you’re a Reddit user (or want to be) feel free to stop by, maybe even post some links yourself.



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